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BeSTinnovation successfully conducted the GLOBAL VISION TOUR in Silicon Valley, visiting great places such as Stanford University, Google, Singularity University, Liquid Agency, IDEO, Kiva, West Wines, Silicon Valley Bank, Indiegogo, Galvanize, Facebook, among others.

Some testimonials from our participants | SILICON VALLEY - APRIL 2015 

"I found it extremely interesting to see the issue of collaboration and travel with wonderful people as we travel with. It seemed to me that together we learned a lot. I did not have any expectations, but surpassed everything I believed. I learned business, new ways of working, also things I had forgotten, that was the essence of my company. It was a supremely refreshing experience. I recommend it to anyone who wants to exploit its business very well with the ideas of a place that is absolutely wonderful. "

Maria Clara Choucair, General Manager Choucair Testing.



"I found it a very interesting experience, we have been in companies, feeling the atmosphere of Silicon Valley and is something you can not imagine. When you see it from a distance, when you read it, fails to understand in depth the synergy and what is given here, the culture to the theme of innovation. Here there is a force in the air, so that, entering to companies, seeing how they are organized from the structural aspect of the organization, and the environment

they cause, it is an unimaginable thing. "

Gonzalo Iglesias, General Manager Laboratorios Maver.



"There are four points that were crucial for me in the visit to Silicon Valley. The importance of working in networks, associations, and suppliers, local and international who are or not in the same situation I am. The second is the culture of trust, there is no suspicion of giving information, or to join another alliance and deliver. That is essential for the topic of networks to work well. Third, technology platforms, they accelerate all processes, and I think that in Chile there are taking advantage and are essential to the development and growth of business. Finally, the working culture. The passion for innovation, the spirit of cooperation shown in each of the offices of the companies that we visited. "

Fernando del Solar, director of companies.

Tours in America: Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Colorado and Colombia

BeSTinnovation organizes customized tours to Silicon Valley, which aims to connect business executives with global knowledge networks, mutual funds and technology companies, leaders in creativity and business models such as Google, Intel, Indiegogo, DFJ, Silicon Valley Bank, among others. They are meant to:

· Generate an interactive, dynamic, and practical learning experience.

· Seeks to establish connections with new value markets.

· Explore new ideas, trends and business models.

· Facilitate partnerships with international organizations.

· Introduce people and organizations in the global talks.


Global Vision Tour 2015 - Silicon Valley| 16 to 21 August

BeSTinnovation in partnership with Sofofa Innova & the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Diego Portales University, has developed tailored tours to Silicon Valley, whose aim is to connect business executives with global knowledge networks, mutual funds and technology companies, concerning creativity and business models such as Google, Intel, Indiegogo, DFJ, Silicon valley Bank, among others.

LINKLATAM|We make links in America

BESTinnovation in partnership with Office Economic Development & International Trade of Colorado has developed initiative that connects foreign investment and business opportunities between the US and Latin America.

Lean Startup


Some protagonists of our meetings in Silicon Valley

Eugenie Rives

Google X

Tim Draper

Founder DFJ
Ventures Network

Vivek Wadhwa 

VP innovation Singularity University

Trish Costello 

Founding CEO Kauffman Fellows

Rob Nail 

CEO Singularity University

Lisa Lambert

VP Intel Capital

Mary Groove


Heidi Roizen
Operating Partnet
at DFJ

John Kao
Founder & Chairman, Institute for Large Scale Innovation

Emeline Paat Dahlstrom 
Chief Impact Officer Singularity University

Pilar Manchón

Fundadora Indisys

Yvonne Cagle

NASA Astronaut

Laurie Yoler

Susana Claro 

Enseña Chile

Katerina Bonde

West Wines

Teri McFadden  Vicepresident of recruiter Norwest Venture Partners

Whitney Mortimer
Global Marketing Manager IDEO

Stacey Bishop
Partner Scale Venture Partners

Joan Lyman

Partner LMG Corp

Tracy Warren
General Partner Batelle Ventures

Elisa Jagerson

CEO Speckdesign

Pamela Contag

Cygnet Biofuels

Francisco Palao| Founder IActive & Lean Monitor

Ann Livermore

Director and former Global VP HP

Joan Parson
Head of Us Banking & Chief Banking Officer of Silicon Valley Bank

Carlos Ramón

Global General Manager

Compas Advisory

Breanna DiGiammarino


We have had meetings with

We will explore and discover with you the essence of Silicon Valley

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